Payment Gateways

Local, Regional & Global Card Acceptance

Through ADVXY, your customers now have the option of paying with their preferred local card, a regional card, or even with an international credit card. Our Charge API allows them to pay for any of your listed products and services in a snap. Whether that’s through KNET, Benefit, Mada, Sadad, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. From now on, the only thing you won’t accept is ‘no’ for an answer.

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We’re proud to introduce the first and only technology that allows businesses to perform an online payment using a single API endpoint action for any type of local, regional, or global card payment in the MENA region. That means a much simpler development experience on the back-end, with a smoother customer experience on the front-end.


Take control of your cash flow through our insured authorization process. Now you can block an amount on your supported cards to keep for later use, and you can insure higher customer satisfaction while performing online order fulfillments and logistics.

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Go international

ADVXY payment gateways supports multi-currency charging for all GCC currencies plus the Egyptian Pound along with major global currencies such as the USD, Euro & GBP. You can be an international business-owner, right from where you are.